About Me

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Affairs at the University of Georgia.

I am a core faculty member of UGA’s Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute, a faculty affiliate of the Center for Integrative Conservation Research and Sustainability Certificate Program, and co-director of the Brazil Natural Resource Governance Initiative.

My research examines the political ecology and political economy of development, global environmental governance, and agrarian politics. I approach this work from a deeply interdisciplinary perspective, drawing especially on geography, anthropology, environmental sociology, ecological history, and conservation science. I also have a special interest in comparative and ethnographic methodology, and regional focuses in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

I received my PhD in Government from Cornell University (2017), and I hold an MA from Cornell University (2014) and a BA from Yale University (2007). Prior to beginning my PhD, I was a UNESCO-Fulbright Fellow with UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere Programme, a Fulbright Grantee in Ecuador, and an apprentice on an organic, community-supported farm in my home state of Maine.

Through my work, I seek to take part in a community of people who recognize that human well-being is inseparable from ecological relationships, and who strive to develop responses to a socially and ecologically unjust global system.